A fictional tribe of people that live on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Elesius in the PSP video game Wild Arms XF. The Zortroa Kinship were natives of the land who were slaughtered and driven out of their home by the aggressive and expressionistic people of Elesius prior to the time King Hrathnir's reforms. In order to survive in their weakened state they abandoned much of their humanity and developed a bond with the beasts and monsters that now surrounded them. As a result the Zortroa are skilled in the arts of monster taming and the art of keeping familiars.

During the events of Wild ARMs:XF the tribe is under the leadership of an older man named Piedras Blancas. His body has been worn down by age and battle. Aside from a decorative cloak and hat his body is mostly covered in bandages. Peidras has lost the use of his voice and can only growl and murmur to himself but travels with an aide named Chelle who both understands his speech and relays his messages to their intended audiences. The Council of Elder Statesmen hire the Zortroa Kinship to eliminate the rebel group Chevalt Blanc and are promised the return of their holy lands if they succeed in their mission.