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Zombie is the boss encounter near the end of Rudy Roughknight's prologue, shortly appearing after the Holy Berry is collected at the end of Berry Cave dungeon.

Wild Arms

This being one of the very first bosses in the game you can expect this to be a cakewalk.

Use your basic attack until you get Force 1 at which point you will use Lock Onwith Hand Cannon. Always heal keeping yourself over 30HP because he attacks before.

You do not want to be under that number when he does attacks because you will not be able to heal before he kills you in the next turn.


Zombie in Berry Cave

HP Exprience Gella Drops Weak
800 100 200 None ?
Attack Description
Basic Attack Hits 15 damage
Rotten Breath Hits 22 damage & has a chance to inflict poison

Wild Arms Alter Code: F

In the remastered version of the game the creature that awakens to be Holly Holly Berry is called Rotting Beast. The creature has the role that Zombie had in the first game, is a monster trapped in the Berry Cave in ancient times .

Since Rudy took Holy Berry from its tree , he awakened this monster .