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Zed is a Metal Demon and works along with the Quarter Knights initially.

Though he seems to serve more as a comic foil for the group, he's actually extremely skilled and a very dangerous opponent.

Though he aspires to greatness, the other Quarter Knights don't think highly of him, and he struggles for much of the first half of the story until he finally gives up on them, seeing Zeikfried for what he is.

Wild Arms

When the Gate Generator is destroyed, Zed finds himself in the ruins of Saint Centour, where he meets the only survivor, a blind girl by the name of Aura. He falls in love with her, and vows to protect her. Unfortunately, when the party finds him, he panicks and attacks. When he's finally defeated, he promises to help Aura.

  • Zed-1.png
    Zed in Wild Arms
    Class: Imbalanced Fighter
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Over 1000 years old
  • Height: 5'9" / 175cm
  • Weapon: Doom Bringer Sword
  • Tools (Alter Code F): None

Here I am! The Grim Reaper's pen pal! The ultimate Macho Man!Zed not quite pulling off being intimidating

Zed in Alter Code: F

In Alter Code, Zed's dedication to protect Aura causes him to join the group as a playable character (though this battle is extremely tough). As he gains in power, the Elw, Vassim, actually purifies his sword and reduces Zed's overall demon influence. When he saves the world (the party helps, in his mind), he returns triumphant to Aura for good.

Though Zed is over 1000 years old, it's hinted that he's spent nearly all of that time in hibernation along with the Quarter Knights. Physically, and certainly emotionally, he's no older than Rudy's group.

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Green-Haired Fugitive"

The comic relief of Wild Arms. Though he belongs to a race of demons threatening Filgaia, he's much less interested in chaos and destruction than he is at being the coolest guy around (at which he fails miserably).

Wild Arms Skills

Sweet Candy

Zed in Sweet Candy

Zed is faced for the first time in Sweet Candy, serving as a distraction while Lady Harken destroys one of the guardian's statues.

  • LEVEL: ?
  • HP: 7500
  • MP: ??
  • EXP: 4200
  • GELLA: 00
  • SPELLS: Doom Bringer, Garyu Ichimongiri
  • Drop: Nothing

Volcannon Trap

Zed in Volcannon Trap

Zed is faced for the second time in Volcannon Trap, trying to impress Mother and the Quarter Knights, he attacks the group, but ends up being defeated

  • LEVEL: ?
  • HP: 10000
  • MP: ??
  • EXP: 5400
  • GELLA: 00
  • SPELLS: Garyu Ichimongiri, Ouji Kyoujin-ranbu
  • Drop: Nothing

Saint Centour

Monster Zed1=5.png
Zed in Saint Centour

Zed is faced for the last time in Saint Centour, he only attacks the group for thinking they could expose their true identity to a blind girl he was caring for, here he takes on his true demonic Monster Z form for battle.

  • LEVEL: ?
  • HP: 52500
  • MP: ??
  • EXP: 50000
  • GELLA: 00
  • SPELLS: Doom Bringer, Higi Kajin-Eisatsu, Gaia Crash, Kinjite Yasha-Ishomjiri
  • Drop: Doom Bringer

Wild Arms 5

Zed appears in the town of Mithysmere as a fugitive. He's decidedly off model, aside from the hair and scarf, and doesn't quite live up to the 'cool factor' (what there is of it) of his previous incarnations.


In the original game, when Zed is permanently defeated at last, he drops the "Doom Bringer" sword for Jack Van Burace to use. While powerful, the sword also reduces Jack's luck statistic to worst the entire time he holds it. This actually explains a lot about Zed when you think about it...

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