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Yulie Ahtreide
Game Wild Arms 4
Class Paladienne
Weapon Chakram ("Basic Circle")
Gender Female
Age 15
Race Human
Gene Driver
Voice Actor (JP) Ayako Kawasumi
Voice Actor (ENG) Kate Higgins

Yulie Ahtreide (Japanese: ユウリィ・アートレイデ) is one of the main characters of Wild Arms 4, and is the ingénue of the cast. Yulie was taken to the town of Ciel in order to bond with an ARM known to be there. Jude Maverick, however, was able to intercede and save Yulie, largely by bonding with the ARM himself. When the ARM misfires, Ciel is destroyed, and Yulie joins Jude in his quest to find the survivors. As a personality trait, Yulie can be a bit of a martyr; she is willing to sacrifice herself if it means sparing others from suffering, but she does not like it when others do the same for her, as she feels that she is a burden.

Wild Arms 4

Yulie and her older brother Kresnik Ahtreide were orphaned by Filgaia's war and raised in the White Orphanage, though this was really a front for experimenting on humans to turn them into Gene Drivers. The experiments were somewhat successful on Yulie, though her abilities weren't able to directly power an arm. She was separated from her brother when he went to join Brionac, and Yulie was taken in by a foster family three years prior to the game, after the orphanage was shut down. She lived in an abbey, where she became a Paladienne-in-training.

Yulie in the game's epilogue, age 25.

Yulie seems to develop a romantic interest in Jude, but this doesn't seem to develop, since Jude becomes a bit of a hermit after the game's end. She instead becomes a teacher for the new settlement.

Wild Arms 4 Web-Page Bio

A young girl saddled with the fate of being a Wild ARMs heroine. She seems a bit shy at first, but is a very upbeat and caring girl. Since losing her parents in the war, she has lived in an orphanage and has since retracted from adults. Though her abilities differ from Jude's, she also has the ability to control ARMs. 

Art of Wild Arms Bio


A young girl kidnapped by soldiers and then rescued by Jude and Arnaud. Carries a troubled past of being one of the failed results in the "Gene Driver" experiment. A kindhearted soul who has the unique ability to control ARMs.

Wild Arms 5

Chibi Yulie from the Official Wild Arms fansite, "Jude's Innocence"

Yulie may be found in the town of Gounon, where she is looking for her brother (as another cameo). Once Dean Stark meets her and gets the siblings back into contact, she gives the party a music box to take to him.

Oddly, Yulie is also the cover girl of an adult men's magazine that Dean discovers within a dungeon. Any interest Dean and his comrades may show, however, is quickly squelched when the magazine winds up attacking them instead. 

In Battle

Yulie's role as a Paladienne is a variant of a Crest Sorceress who serves as the team healer/summoner by using various healing and support abilities along with her special Force Ability, Material, which summons a Guardian Drive based on what color HEX she is standing in. The Guardian Drives are either fire (red; "Code: M"), water (blue; "Code: S"), wind (green; "Code: F"), earth (yellow; "Code: G") or healing (colorless; "Code: O"). She has somewhat low physical attack power and her only means of magic attack without her Material ability is through her Sanctify spells, which only affect the undead. There are some ring weapons Yulie can equip for increased physical strength should the player so choose to make her an attacker, though these come at the expense of magic strength.

Personal Skill Level Available Description
Heal Default Heals some HP to all allies in target HEX.
Protect 6 Adds [DEF +100] and [RES + 100] to the target HEX. All damage against HEX is reduced by 25%.
Sanctify 12 Magic attack, only effective on undead enemies.
Revive 16 Revives all allies in the target HEX by a fraction.
Turn Shift 22 Yulie trades turns with an ally by whoever is next in battle turn order. Yulie's RFX temporaily gains a bonus.
Replace 26 Yulie, along with all allies (including KOed allies) in her HEX, with all allies (including KOed allies) or enemies in target HEX.
Gather 32 Yulie brings all allies(including KOed allies) into her HEX.
Hi-Sanctify 36 Magic attack, only effective on undead enemies.
Quicken 42 Adds [RFX + 100] to targetted HEX.
Hi- Heal 52 Heals a large amount of HP to all in target HEX.
Absorb 56 Yulie absorbs MP from all enemies in target HEX adding it to her own. Any allies present in Yulie's HEX recover MP as well.
Sacrifice 62 Yulie expends her own HP (remaining at 1 afterwards) for a powerful non-elemental magic attack against target HEX; bypasses reflect property.