Wild ARMS THE 4th Detonator OST

Wild Arms the 4th Detonator Original Score is the official soundtrack for the Wild Arms 4 game, released on June 22, 2005 by King Records.

  • Catalog Number: KICA-1370~3
  • Released On: June 22, 2005
  • Composed By: Michiko Naruke, Masato Kouda, Nobuyuki Shimizu, Ryuta Suzuki
  • Arranged By: Kazuhiko Toyama, Nobuyuki Shimizu
  • Published By: King Records
  • Recorded At: Unknown
  • Number of CDs: 4


Disc One

  1. the 4th Detonator
  2. I Look Up At The Sky Because You Are There (Opening Theme)
  3. Stationary Village Ciel
  4. Perilous Change
  5. Catastrophe Now
  6. Clash, the Fourth Battle Position
  7. For the Sake of One Flower
  8. over the wind
  9. Gun Blaze
  10. Condition Green!
  11. Port Ailinton
  12. So Close, Yet So Far Away
  13. Friends Who Watch Your Back
  14. Totally Busy
  15. Time and Rocks Piled Up
  16. Ghosts of the Knights
  17. A Future Wet With Tears
  18. Shadow Territory
  19. Critical Attack - Breaking Boundaries

Total Time: 61'07"

Disc Two

  1. In the Cold Iron Box
  2. From Anxiety to Impatience
  3. Reason Which Becomes Clear In a Moment
  4. Weapon X
  5. The Shining Spear Pierces the Darkness
  6. Nightmare Spiral
  7. Beckoning Bewitching Princess
  8. Like a Rolling Stone
  9. Unrest
  10. Nanodat the Gardener!?
  11. Nightless City Guara Bobelo
  12. Gloom of the Duelist
  13. With Admiration and Returned Blood
  14. The Unknown Terminal Station
  15. Run Without Stopping Time
  16. At the End of the Wilderness Ver. Detonator
  17. Taste of the Sand That Sheds No Tears
  18. Flickering Flame In the Darkness
  19. Unbinded Shackles, Released Brute (Bonus Track)

Total Time: 63'21"

Disc Three

  1. Dark Grey Back Ry
  2. Wandering Nothingness
  3. Howling At An Unstoppable Fate
  4. Force, Storm, and Crisis
  5. Buried City
  6. Black Trigger
  7. Starlight and the Passing Breeze
  8. Trusting In the Wings Beyond the Storm
  9. Taking the Name of Exorcist
  10. Feeling the Bonds
  11. That Is Where the Spirit Becomes Certain
  12. From Your Tears...
  13. Infrared Threat
  14. Secret of the Thin Line Between Truth and Lies
  15. Those Sparkling Eyes, That Shining Smile
  16. You Are To Take the Lost Sword
  17. The Funeral Rain Flows Down Your Cheek
  18. Green Tracks
  19. Don't Be Afraid of the Future
  20. Frontier Harim
  21. Manifestation From Hell (Bonus Track)

Total Time: 71'05"

Disc Four

  1. Catch, Call, and Awaken
  2. The Flower Blooms In the Heart As Much As It Can
  3. reckless ARM
  4. Until the Sorrow Ends
  5. Falling Stardust, Dancing In the Wilderness
  6. Black Shadow of the Closing Coffin
  7. Hauser Hazard
  8. I Look Up At The Sky Because You Are There
  9. The Path of No Return
  10. If You Call Out That Name Beyond the Wind
  11. The Desire To Fly Exceeds Words
  12. Neverending Story
  13. as time goes by ~Never Forget Me~
  14. Introduction (Bonus Track)
  15. Bird's-eye View Test
  16. Do It
  17. Launch the Land Gear!
  18. Ex. File
  19. Yet Another Ex. File
  20. The Power to Control
  21. Leave It To Me
  22. The Hand Reaching Out to the Sky Above

Total Time: 71'08"