Wild Arms Complete Tracks is a video game music soundtrack for Wild Arms featuring music from the PlayStation title in its original format released in Japan in April 2006. Unlike the previously released Wild Arms Original Game Soundtrack, which only contained a limited number of songs from the game, Complete Tracks features 79 pieces of background music across two discs, including all selections from the original album.[1] The album was distributed by King Records, a subsidiary of literary and manga company Kodansha Limited.[2]

Album Information

All tracks were composed by Michiko Naruke, and lend themselves to the American West thematic present throughout the game. Like the Wild Arms Original Game Soundtrack, it contains a number of tracks representing a wide variety of synth instruments, with accompanying vocals on select tracks. Though the album houses all the music from its predecessor, it contains an additional 43 tracks of previously unreleased background themes and songs.[1]

An additional production credit was given to Takeo Miratsu, who served as an arranger for certain tracks, while Michiko Naruke and Kazuhiko Toyama retained their roles as arrangers and primary album supervisors.[1] The track "Holy Mother of Darkness" contains addition choral music from Keio University's chorus, originally recorded in 1996 and released with the Wild Arms video game in Japan.[3]

Track listing

Template:Col-begin Template:Col-1-of-2 Disc 1 – 54:59

  1. To the End of the Wilderness
  2. Hope
  3. The Cold Darkness (Dungeon)
  4. Things That Crawl in the Dark
  5. Battle: Mid-Boss
  6. Win!
  7. Omen of Ostracism
  8. Alone in the World
  9. Oh, Abbey Maiden...
  10. Abbey
  11. Way of Illusion
  12. Getting Rich Quick! (Jack's Theme)
  13. Courage (Dungeon)
  14. Critical Hit!
  15. An Escapable Situation
  16. Shock
  17. Taboo Storyteller
  18. Adlehyde Castle
  19. Ancient Civilization Exhibition
  20. The Sky Is Being Torn Apart
  21. World of Loudening Screams
  22. Against the Backdrop of World Destruction
  23. From Anxiety to Impatience
  24. The Sharp Edge of an Assault
  25. Power Fighter
  26. Defeated
  27. Retreat
  28. After the Chaos and Destruction
  29. A Sorrowful Separation
  30. Funeral Procession
  31. Wild Arms
  32. Migrant Bird of the Wilderness (Rudy's Theme)
  33. Marsh Where the Migrant Birds Gather
  34. Inn
  35. The Power Which Supports the World
  36. Knight Quarters
  37. A Wound Carved Upon The Heart
  38. Castle of Flames (Prologue 1)
  39. Lamenting and a Promise (Prologue 2)

Template:Col-2-of-2 Disc 2 – 64:16

  1. Ancient Shrine
  2. Village of the Elw
  3. Agitation to Destruction
  4. Kishum Flame
  5. Town
  6. Fallen into a Trap
  7. Not Just Any Kid, But A Lady! (Jane's Theme)
  8. A Moment of Tension (Lady Harken's Theme)
  9. False Wedding on the Sea
  10. Wh-What? (Zed's Theme)
  11. What You're Looking For Is on the Calm Beach
  12. Crossing Over the Raging Waves (Bartholomew's Theme)
  13. Suddenly
  14. Warrior's Whistle (Boomerang's Theme)
  15. Holy Mother of Darkness
  16. Eulogy of Ruin
  17. Collapse
  18. Rudy's Companions
  19. Separate World
  20. A Lonely Dream of Bygone Days
  21. The Miracle of Love
  22. The Bird Which Flies In the Sky (Emma's Theme)
  23. Running Spirit
  24. Fragments of Hope, Revival
  25. The Demon Tower that Pierces the Heavens
  26. Ballad of the Shadow Wolf
  27. A New Moon ~Malduke~
  28. Battle: Mother
  29. The Way Back
  30. To the Sea of Stars
  31. Battle: Zeik
  32. Return to Ashes
  33. "Asgard Did His Best, huh?"
  34. The Prologue Beginning From Here
  35. Morning of the Journey
  36. The Princess-Sorceress' Feelings
  37. The Journey Is Your Fellow Journeyers
  38. To the End of the Wilderness ~To a New Journey~
  39. Making An Oath to the Blue Sky
  40. Battle Demon


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