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Wild Arms 2, known in Japan as Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition[1], is the second game in the Wild Arms series. It was released in 1999 in Japan, with an American release following in 2000. The game was later added to the PlayStation Network.


(From the American manual) Once, there was a Blaze of Disaster that stained Filgaia with its crimson flames... The flames from the earth scorched the heavens. The blazing whirlwinds threatened to consume the very future of the planet. Mankind clung to its only hope of surviving this life-or-death crisis: the Sword Magess. Born as the daughter of a nameless petty nobleman, she was drawn to the call of the Guardian Blade named "Argetlahm." With no way to fight, the people cast their hopes on the Magess’ sword and believed in the future.

The night of the seventh day after obtaining the sword — wrapped in a torrent of light, the Magess vanished from Filgaia together with the Blaze of Disaster, leaving behind Argetlahm plunged deep in the earth...

Time passed. The Guardian Blade Argetlahm began to be treated as a symbol of power. The battle of the Sword Magess remained in the hearts of the people as a familiar, ubiquitous legend. But the people had no reason to think that their familiar legends of the past would have meaning in the present — and in the future.



  • Ashley Winchester - The effective main character of the game. A natural-born hero that inherits both the power of the evil demon Lord Blazer and the sword of the Sword Magess. He is dealing with the balance of these two forces, and the true meaning of 'heroism' that not only drives his story, but that of the rest of the game.
  • Brad Evans - A former war hero now treated as a war criminal. He's tough, powerful, and has the best understanding of the military mind of the group. His story is to come to grips with what he can do now that his wars are over and those he served no longer have a need for him. He's the 'displaced veteran' of the group.
  • Lilka Eleniak - A crest sorceress attempting to fill her talented older sister's shoes. She's the cheerful girl of the group, though this is largely a front to cover up her own lack of confidence in her skills.
  • Tim Rhymeless - An orphaned boy in the town of Meria. Despite his youth and innocence, Tim retains a powerful ability to speak to and command the Guardians. Tim's story deals with the selfishness and often emptiness of sacrifice.
  • Kanon - A bounty hunter determined to bring down the demon Lord Blazer that inhabits Ashley's body. Kanon has a tortured past, and her story deals with the conflict of what she thinks she should be, and what she truly wants to be.
  • Marivel Armitage - One of the last, if not the last, Crimson Noble, and an associate of Irving. She is an optional character, but has knowledge of history and technology far greater than anyone else. Her long life, however, has made her despairingly lonely. Her story reveals a lot of Filgaia's history, that of the Crimson Nobles, and her resolve to persevere despite it all.


  • Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus - The leader of a nebulous terrorist organization known as Odessa. He used to lead the Slayheim Liberation Army, and his actions led to Brad being framed as a criminal. Now he seemingly seeks to conquer the world with his new army.
  • Judecca Ducet - Odessa's hitman and expert marksman, he is an insane and violent man, prone to torturing his victims even to the detriment of his mission.
  • Antenora Victoria - The strategist of Odessa, she is set on getting Vinsfeld to love her.
  • Caina - The wielder of Randolf the Magic Key, that allows his to summon monsters for Odessa. He follows Vinsfeld out of extreme personal devotion.
  • Ptolomea - The honorable field commander of Odessa's troops, and the "muscles" of the organization.
  • Liz & Ard - A couple of Odessa's minions, one strong and stupid, the other overly full of himself and his intelligence. They are never apart, always providing comic relief.

Other villains[]

  • Lord Blazer - The "Blaze of Disaster" that was defeated and sealed a thousand years ago by the Sword Magess. Now, the demon resides within Ashley's body.
  • Kuiper Belt - A malevolent parallel universe, that encroaches and threatens to consume Filgaia. It's the true source of monsters across the land, and the ultimate threat of the game.



Game Guides[]

Wild Arms 2 Official Perfect Guide, produced by Empire 21, is the official English-language guide, published alongside the game.




  • The original title of the game was "Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition", though "Wild Arms 2" appears on covers as well. For some time, there was confusion about the title's presentation being in all capital-letters, leading some (most infamously RPGamer) to believe that "ARMS" actually stood for the acronym used within the game. After the release of Wild Arms 4, however, Sony clarified the name of the franchise, as well as all of its games, making this game definitively "Wild Arms 2".
  • This particular entry in the series is noted for having a weak translation in comparison to its predecessor and successors. As a result, the characters speak in odd ways in English, and many scenes with dialogue that utilize Japanese references (specifically conversations with Liz) make no sense to U.S. gamers. Some parts of the story are also lost in translation due to the sloppy quality. 


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