Game Wild Arms 5
Weapon XERD_3113 Gran-Zamber Great Blade
Gender Male
Age 23
Race 1/2 Human
1/2 Veruni
Height 5'11"
Voice Actor (JP) Hiroki Tōchi
Voice Actor (ENG) Kyle Hebert

Volsung is the main antagonist of Wild Arms 5 and leader of the Radical faction of Veruni in charge of Filgaia. The player party fights him a number of times during the game's climax and he ultimately serves as the final boss. Volsung is a little unusual in Wild Arms in that he's very much the tragic villain. The hatred between the ruling Veruni and Human subjects is embodied within Volsung, causing him to become more embittered, psychotic, and even prone to outright demonic possession. Despite this, Volsung has managed to lead the Radical faction of the Veruni and sets into motion a number of plots to 'cleanse the world', endangering the lives of Veruni and Human alike. His leitmotif during cutscenes is Falling Into the Shadow of Locus Solus (Vol. 1, Disc 2, Track 17).

Wild Arms 5

Born from a human and Veruni and lived in Honeysday. As a child his father, a Veruni, raised him to believe he was to become a bridge between the Veruni and humans. He leaves the town of Honeysday 10 years prior to the story.

Wild Arms 5 Bio

The calm and cold member of the Radical faction of the Veruni. He stages a coup at the beginning of the story and assumes the top reigning position. Devoted to securing a future for the Veruni, he doesn't pull any punches - this unfettered drive is considered cold by many, and he alienates even his subordinates at times.

Wild Arms 5 Manual

The leader of the Veruni radical faction. He is a ruthless man and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Seizes a neutral area between the two factions by force and becomes the ruling leader.


The origin of "Volsung" comes from a legendary Icelandic saga which begins with the proud sons of Odin and ends with the betrayal of the family. In the story, however, Volsung is the name of the entire clan. This perhaps serves an homage to the family lines being betrayed within tragedy. Of note is that Volsung's sword in Wild Arms 5, the Gran-Zamber, is the same name of the sword carried by Zeikfried in Wild Arms. The family sword in the saga is carried by generations from Sigmund, the original form of the Zeikfried name.