The Veruni are a race of beings specific to the Wild Arms 5 storyline. They were once humans who left the planet as a colony 12,000 years ago, returning to Filgaia 100 years prior to the events of the game, long after the mutations of their DNA had changed them into another species. The superiority of their physical forms, as well as their technology, allowed them the opportunity to enslave the human race native to Filgaia, causing the main conflict of racism and social classes throughout the story.

Wild Arms 5

100 years before the game's current date, the Veruni arrived on Filgaia in search of a new home. Once they arrived, they quickly used their advanced technology to establish their dominance over the human population that they found. Veruni keep many humans as effective slave labor, and treat them cruelly as third-class citizens.

Physically, Veruni seem to resemble humans, though with some enhanced physical ability. This is not without a cost, however, as Filgaia itself seems to be rejecting their presence, dramatically curtailing the lives of the would-be tyrants.

In recent years, the Veruni have split into two factions. The 'moderates', who seek a more peaceful and 'productive' co-existence with the human natives, and the 'radicals', who act out of desperation for their race. The former is lead by this game's version of Captain Bartholomew, while the latter is lead by Volsung.