The Tormenta Triad are antagonists in Wild Arms XF, composed of three identical brothers named Lluvia, Trueno, and Viento. They are employed by the Council of Elder Statesmen, and accost Chevalet Blanc a number of times during the second half of the game. Their classes are known as "Gramarye Saddlers".

The three brothers' names, translated from Spanish, are 'rain', 'thunder' and 'wind' respectively, and thus explain each one's individual powers. The three brothers are capable of working as a team, and know a number of effective techniques such as creating clones of themselves, and using a powerful attack that enhances their power to devastate their enemies.

Eventually the group make a last stand against the protagonists in the Schnell Ruins, but are soundly and utterly defeated after the resistance mounts their attack on the brothers. The bridge across the lava at their battleground gives way, making the heroes hurry to get to the exit, but it breaks apart, with Labyrinthia trapped and seemingly doomed until the brothers sacrifice themselves so she can escape.