Todd Dukakis
Game Wild ARMs 3
Place N/A
Weapon Heirloom Sword
Age 29
Height 5'7"

Todd Dukakis is a fictional character who first appeared in the Playstation 2 role playing game Wild Arms 3, he is the servant of the well known Schrodinger Family and a highly experienced swordsman, Todd first appeared with his team in Serpent Coil, there, he helped Maya obtain the second shield and taking it away from Virginia and Janus at the same time.

Todd is known for his afro hairstyle and for the way he confuses people whenever he makes his attacks during battle, although he doesn't react to much, Todd is very devoted to Maya and Alfred; he (along with Shady and Alfred) does not have any ARMs and relies on his blade for his main offensive strikes.


During the battles with Todd, if you cast any Fire spell, use a Fire Gem, or use Moor Gault, his afro will catch on fire and hurt him each turn he is not dispatched.