The Tear Drop as it appears on the tool selection screen in Wild Arms.


Cecilia using the Tear Drop in Wild Arms.

The Teardrop (or Tear Drop) is a recurring item in the Wild Arms series.

In the original game and its remake, the Tear Drop was an heirloom passed down to the women in the Adlehyde family and had ties to the Guardians. Cecilia handed it over to the Metal Demons in a desperate attempt to save the people of Adlehyde. After that, she, Rudy, and Jack set off on a mission to get the Teardrop back from the demons before they use it to revive Mother.

In the original Wild Arms it is a tool, but in Alter Code: F it has been changed to an item.

In Wild Arms 3, the Prophets and Siegfried get their hands on the Teardrop to power Deus Ex Machina, going so far as to use Maya as a bartering chip to force the party to bring them the Teardrop themselves.

In this game the Teardrop is an item that can be used to heal a party member through Virginia's Mystic force ability.