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T'Bok Village

T'Bok Village is quietly settled located near the Green Hell forest.

We see the village soon in Brad's prologue when he is running away from some soldiers during a rainy night and ends up fainting at the entrance of the place.


The village where Merril lives, the girl who found Brad Evans fainted on the floor on a rainy night while he was fleeing from his pursuers and ended up exhausted, she keeps Brad in the hidden barn and takes care of him and the dog that accompanied him, she tries to talk to he, but Brad says he needs to leave and Merril says he is not well enough, it does not take long for the pursuers to reach the village.
As the group of soldiers arrive at the village they say that what they are doing is for the good of the villagers there, Merril says there is no bad person in that place, and the leader of the soldiers says that hiding the fugitive would only bring disgrace to th'e village, at that moment Brad leaves the village and is quickly recognized by the people who sought him, the man says he came to deliver something to him and throws an object that Brad grabs with his hands, the soldier says that if he wants to fight against them there would be no problem, but many innocent people could get hurt in the place, Brad lets himself be taken by the men, Merril asks the soldiers if he was a bad man, the soldier responds with irony the girl saying that in fact he should be considered a hero.