Sheyenne Rainstorm
  • Race: Gene Driver
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25 (New body is 10 years old)
  • Weapon: Batour ARM
  • Voice Actor: Brianne Siddall (English), Mayumi Asano (Japanese)

Twilight Venom

Sheyenne Rainstorm (also, Cheyenne Rainstorm) is a fictional character from the Anime series Wild Arms Twilight Venom, he is the main protagonist of the show whom was changed from an adult to a child, from then on, he starts a quest to return back to normal while at the same time overcoming many dangerous events.

Sheyenne is a 25 year old drifter (albiet one trapped in a much younger body) who collects treasure in his many adventures in Filgaia, along the way with his friends Dr. Kiel Aronnax and Issac.


Batour is a special kind of ARMs that exceeds further then any other weapon, It's ability, whether it comes to speed, dexterity or power seems to be something of a rarity.

Batour actually comes in several parts, with more powerful additions appearing through the course of the story. The regular form, which Sheyenne uses most frequently, resembles a heavy pistol. The Batour II uses an attachment which converts the assembly into a heavy rifle. The Batour III (used once on its own) converts the whole weapon into a powerful, but physically draining, gun emplacement. The final stage, the Batour IV, is a massive cannon capable of mass destruction, but it's believed that use of this weapon would kill the user, regardless of his Guardian Vitals.