Sentinel Class

Male and female Sentinels.

Class Description

The Sentinel class is one of the second groups of general classes available to the player after Act 1-8. Sentinels have high defense and HP and have skills that can help them endure long and taxing battles; This class is also capable of a decent offense. An interesting feature of the Sentinel class is the ZOC Effect. An unit that passes closely to a Sentinel will have their movement cut off abruptly even if their MOV parameter would usually allow them to move further. This effect is especially apparent when the enemy line has a line of Sentinels grouped together. The Sentinels will also occasionally replace themselves with an ally under assault.

The Sentinel class can equip a mixture of hammers, maces, flails, and scepters for weapons; Their armor consists of various plate mails.

Original Commands

Original Commands are techniques that can be used in battle provided the needed requirements are met.

Command Description MP Cost
Heavy Strike Knocks back unit whose WGT is lighter than the user by one HEX. Can only be used when a one-handed mêlée weapon is equipped. 24
Allowance Physical attack that always leaves the target with at least 1 HP. Can only be used when a one-handed mêlée weapon is equipped. 4
Force Field Nullifies all HP damage and special effects targeting the user until the user's next turn. 28
Amplifier Increases damage dealt by the user's next attack. Cannot be cast after moving. 32

Personal Skills

These skills activate automatically for units in the Sentinel class. When enough CSP is gained these skills can also be equipped by the unit even when it switches to a different class. The special skill is a superior skill learned when the class is mastered.

Skill Description
Sentinel OC Allows the unit to use Sentinel Originals.
Anti-Knock-back Nullifies knock-back effects.
ZOC Effect Reduces the adjacent enemies' MOV parameters.
DEF + 25% Increases the unit's DEF parameter by 25%
Sentinel EQ Allows the unit to equip Sentinel equipment.
Defender Randomly takes close-range physical attacks targeted at adjacent allies.
Special Skill Description
Auto Guard Randomly reduces damage taken. Always active when the Defender skill is used.
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