Schturdark (Stoldark) is the Guardian of Water. He is also one of the most frequently appearing Guardians in the series and is usually one of the earliest Guardians acquired by the player. This Guardian looks like an enormous turtle creature with a multitude of spikes protruding from its shell. In Wild Arms 4 he is a Guardian Program called Code S that can be summoned if the summoner if is standing on a HEX that has the water leypoint. He appears in the first four Wild Arms games as well as the remake of the original. In Wild Arms 5, he has a water-elemental TF System tower named after himself, known as "Tower S".

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The four main guardians, Fengalon, Grudiev, Schturdark, and Moor Gault, are all based off the Four Symbols in Chinese mythology. Schturdark is based off of Zhi Ming, the Black Turtle.