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Schtudark in WA Million Memories

Schturdark (Stoldark) is the Guardian of Water. He is also one of the most frequently appearing Guardians in the series and is usually one of the earliest Guardians acquired by the player. This Guardian looks like an enormous turtle creature with a multitude of spikes protruding from its shell.

Wild Arms

The water guardian tries to make contact with Cecilia using their powers:

“Oh... Innocent One.   Oh... Innocent One.  You can feel my mind in yours...

Girl: Me...? Are you calling me...? It's dark in here. I can't see...

[lights began to flash around her, and the voice begins to speak to her once again.]

Take my wishes to your heart, Innocent One... Tell me your name...We will again be bound by the ancient contract.

Girl: Who are you? I'm not the one you want!

Hurry... Tell me your name.Once again, the world is being engulfed by darkness. Tell me your name.

Girl: ... ...My name is...Cecilia.

[a large, dark form appears in front of her]

Girl, Cecilia... Let go of your ego... The power is in the book....

[The form disappears in a flash of lights]”

Cecilia awakes in Curan Abbey, after speak about her dream with de people around she heads to the courtyard; determined to solve the puzzle about a secret place, she moves the statues so that they face each other. At the end, she shines the light of the teardrop between them. Flashing lights emerge and fly northward into the abbey, creating a teleportation symbol on the wall.]

“I am the Eternal Darkness.Come to me, Innocent One.Bring me your inner light.”

the voice emerge again, Cecilia uses the teardrop and is warped to the Sealed Library; upon entrance, a voice speaks to her.

“The three books act as a door. They are called the [Books of Doors]. The key is the [Flame]. Open the door and light the path.“

Afterwards, Cecilia throws the three books in the room into the fire; a passageway reveals itself. She makes her way down and comes upon a suspicious-looking book lying on the desk in the underground room. She approaches it; the pages start to turn, and a black crystal floats out from it before bursting into a giant demon! Cecilia defeats the monster Nelgaul; a light bursts from the book and takes shape, same shape from the shadow figure on her dream.

Stoldark appears

“I am Stoldark, the Guardian of the water. For ages, the demon Nelgaul has locked me in this terrible book. I have waited a long time for the Innocent One who would receive the Guardian Spirit.

Cecilia: The Innocent One? Me?

Stoldark: The world is at the turning point of darkness again. Innocent One.can you hear the anger of the land and the wind? The screams of the sea and the sky?

Cecilia: ...

Stoldark: Wear me as your armor, Innocent One. I shall protect you in your fight for life. The battle for Filgaia begins again. Everything begins with[Lolithia].”

The Guardian Stoldark shrinks into a rune, which is deposited into Cecilia's hand; she acquires the water rune.

Cecilia gets the Water Rune


  • Rune: Water
  • Location: Sealed Library
  • Summon: Water attack / All
  • High Summon: Water attack / All
  • Properties: SOR +10%

Wild Arms 2

Water Rune

In WA2 Schturdark will be encountered during the heroes' adventure through Valeria Chateau.

The Schturdark Rune is obtained in a chest.

Schturdark is another basic summon. The boosts are very small so this summon isn't one to keep equipped for long.


  • Type: Water
  • Ability: Analyze: Scans opponent for weaknesses, Hp etc
  • Stat Boost: Sor +4, MGR +2
  • Location: Valeria Chateau

Wild Arms 3

Schtudark in WA3

In Wild Arms 3, Schturdark accompanies the group soon after the introductory dungeons, being possible to use it from the beginning of the game.


  • Medium Name: Aqua Wisp
  • Summon Name and Effect: Assault Tide: Does water-elemental magic damage to all enemies.
  • statistics Raised: Silver:HP+10%, MAG+30%   GOLD: HP+30%, MAG+50%
  • Arcana Taught: Pressure, Refrigerate, Heal, Analyze
  • Personal Skills: Water Ward, Ice Ward, ATT Blocker

Wild Arms 4

In Wild Arms 4he is a Guardian Program called Code S that can be summoned if the summoner if is standing on a HEX that has the water leypoint. He appears in the first four Wild Arms games as well as the remake of the original.

Wild Arms 5

In Wild Arms 5, he has a water-elemental TF Systemtower named after himself, known as "Tower S".

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The four main guardians, Fengalon, Grudiev, Schturdark, and Moor Gault, are all based off the Four Symbols in Chinese mythology. Schturdark is based off of Zhi Ming, the Black Turtle.