Rupert Dandridge

Rupert Dandridge is a major antagonist in Wild Arms XF.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 40
  • Height: 6'
  • Class: Blade Snapper


Rupert is a wandering swordsman and mercenary with an unsavory reputation. He will do anything for anyone if the price is right, but buyer beware; he won't hesitate to throw even his own employer to the Gremalkin to save his own skin. He is an arrogant, self-centered loner whose personal philosophy can be summed up by the following saying: "Anyone who trusts another man in the wilderness will find themselves quickly 6 feet deep."

Prior to the events in Wild Arms XF, Rupert became interested in Iskender Bey's power after seeing it in action when Clarissa's mother, Melissa, used it to fend off a pack of monsters to protect her daughter. Desiring such power for himself, he followed the Arwins until he could meet up with young Clarissa when she was getting something for her mother, giving her a marigold and convincing her that she was a friend of hers helping to look for the Yggdrasil System. With that, Clarissa brought Rupert with her to meet back up with Melissa.

Unfortunately, this was exactly what Rupert wanted. Taking his opportunity as it presented itself, Rupert swiftly and mortally wounds Melissa in front of her daughter and Felius, and takes the Iskender Bey before retreating after an attempted retaliation from Clarissa.


Rupert is able to wield two weapons. He is known for his Fast Draw skill. His other moves include Maximum Risk and Blade Pulsar.

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