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Raquel Applegate
Game Wild Arms 4
Class Master Fencer
Weapon Sword
Gender Female
Age 19
Race Human
Voice Actor (JP) Hitomi Nabatame
Voice Actor (ENG) Wendee Lee

Raquel Applegate (Japanese: ラクウェル・アップルゲイト) is one of the main protagonists of Wild Arms 4, whom the party meets at Port Rosalia almost immediately after the end of the prologue. Raquel is a tragic heroine, afflicted with a serious and incurable disease since she was a child. She is one of the few survivors of the disaster that annihilated her hometown, Verklarung, which was accidentally caused by Hauser Blackwell. Since then, she's embarked on a mission to live life to the fullest and see as much beauty in the world as she can. It is for this reason that she joins up with Jude Maverick and his party. Having been confronted with her own mortality on a daily basis from such a young age has forced her to grow up quickly, and she fulfills the role of an older sister figure to her comrades.


Raquel is a devastatingly skilled swordsman (at one point being referred to as a Fast Draw artist). She also represents the calmer, more mature member of the group, using her insights to rein in the other, more emotional impulses of Jude and Arnaud and acting as sort of an older sister figure.

Over the course of the adventure, Raquel finds herself falling in love with the party's crest sorcerer, Arnaud G. Vasquez. The two develop a relationship which eventually leads to their marriage and the birth of their child. Unfortunately, Raquel herself never finds a cure for her disease, but her determination to make the most of her life greatly matured her eventual husband.

Wild Arms 4 Web-Page Bio

This lady fencer isn't very "ladylike", but her strength in battle more than makes up for her faults. Seems hard to approach at first, but in reality this female swordsman is caring and is the most mature of the young party members. Traveling the world that has been devastated by the war, her objective is to find and draw the few beautiful landscapes left in Filgaia.

Bio taken from the Wild Arms 4 Manual

A Drifter who is an accomplished swordfighter and artist. She travels the war-torn land of Filgaia in search of any remaining beauty. Her blant manner of speaking conceals a caring and protective nature.

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Swordswoman with a ribbon"

A calm, quiet girl, whose maturity sets her apart from the rest of the rowdy group, despite her age. Wields a rather oversized sword.

Wild Arms 5

Chibi Raquel from the Official Wild Arms Website

Arnaud and his wife, Raquel, show up in the town of Mirapulse where they are seeking a cure for Raquel's otherwise-fatal disease. Dean Stark must take this sidequest open himself to find the cure and at last give the couple a happily ever after.