Raftina is the Guardian of Love and one of the four Guardian Lords who rule over the other Guardians. Her physical form is that of a well-dressed goddess; sometimes she is winged, sometimes she has a sword, and sometimes she has a sort of glowing halo behind her. Summoning her in battle usually results in her healing the party, though in Alter Code: F she heals Cecilia's MP instead (a unique ability as healing MP is not as simple as it was in the original version). In Wild Arms (and Wild Arms Alter Code: F), Raftina's powers were reawakened when Cecilia Adlehyde had a revelation about how much she loved her friends; in Wild Arms 2, she is reawakened after a tender moment between Tim Rhymeless and Colette Mapleleaf. In Wild Arms 3, she must be bested in battle before the player can get her medium.

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