Marina .
Game Wild Arms 2
Area Town of Meria
Weapon N/A

Wild Arms 2

If a ‘hero’ is just a euphemism for ‘sacrifice,’ then no. I’m not happy about it at all. Especially when the ‘hero’ is someone I care for…
Marina sums up her feelings about the plot

Marina Irington is the niece of the Baker's Wife and the love interest of Ashley, she is a recurring character whom first appeared after Ashley Winchester, Brad Evans and Lilka Eleniak finished their "Prologue Chapters", for a long time she and Ashley have been long time friends but since he joined the Special Arms Unit, Marina has been constantly worried for him and even gets mad when he has to leaves on missions. Despite her protests, she truly understands what he does and why, and wants nothing but the best for him.

Every now and then she will also make appearance throughout the game, either in various flashbacks or when Ashley returns to her. Over the course of the game, the two admit their love for one another, which helps enable Ashley to control the influence of Lord Blazer within him.

The couple even physically consummate their relationship (unusual for a Japanese RPG, particularly at the time), which results in Marina giving birth to twins after the game's main story ends. The couple apparently marry "offscreen" between the end of the adventure and the delivery, however.

Marina is also apparently a big fan of the anime and manga hero Vash the Stampede.


Marina in the opening.

Marina also appears in the beginning of the short opening of the game, at the very end she pours water into a bucket in Meria Town.

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