One of the three Prophets that seek to rebuild Filgaia in their own image.

Wild Arms 3 Bio


Malik Bendict

A youth known for his mysterious features, untrustworthy speech and unpredictable actions. He can be heartless, acting with inhumane and brutal nonchalance.



Malik during Chapter 3 of Wild Arms 3

He first appears trying to suck the life force out of the dark guardian Celesude. He tells Janus Cascade to battle Virginia's Group while he extracts the guardian's energy, but Janus refuses and Malik battles Virginia's group himself. He is defeated and Janus escorts him out of Lunatic Garden. He summons King of Angolomois to buy him some time. He is ordered by Leehalt Alcaste to continue to extracct guardian energy. He tries to get the Aguelite and Germatron from Servey point # 17, but is stopped as well. When Virginia's group gets to Yggdrasil, Malik reveals that he wants to bring his mom back to life by cloning her. He battles a third time after the download from Hyades is halted, but is defeated. He is witness to the return of the Metal Demon Zeikfried, and is transformed into a Demon along with the other Prophets. He is present at The World's footprint when Zeikfried reveals himself, and helps to keep Maya within the barrier at Caging Tower. When the Cradle of the Metal God is invaded, he tries to bring his mother back once again. A strange young girl appears and helps Malik by making the clone regain its memories. Malik's mother believes Malik is a monster due to his demon form and runs from him. Because of this, Malik goes insane and destroys the machine in the Cradle. Melody notices he is insane and continues to prepare the Deus Ex Machina, but Virginia's crew arrive and defeats the two Prophets. Malik is presumed to have died within the Cradle of the Metal God.