Lucio as he appears beneath Jet and Dario

Lucio (Japanese: ルチオ) is a character from Wild Arms 3, deceased before the events of the story take place. He was the 4th member of Janus Cascade's team of drifters, and while the cause of his death is never touched on, it is implied through NPC dialogue that he was important enough to Janus that his death changed him for the worse.

A piece of artwork from WILD features characters with halos over their heads who did not appear in the game proper. While their identities are not disclosed, it can be inferred that the red-headed male is Lucio, who never actually features in the game or in any official artwork. A tie-in comic in the back of the Japanese "Wild Arms Advanced 3rd Complete Guide" features what is believed to be him, as well as Keziah, another important figure in Janus' life.