• Class: Eccentric Scientist
  • Race: Lizardian
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
Gentlemen don't like violence but love the violence of words. Prepare for word torture! I'm full of dangerous phrases that should be censored!
Liz declares his intentions for battle!

Wild Arms 2

Liz (Japanese: Toka) is a special scientist and inventor for the forces of Odessa. "Special" may be an operative word here, however, as he doesn't take part in most of Odessa's actual schemes and only occasionally become roadblocks for Ashley Winchester and his group. He fancies himself a learned gentleman with a verbose and flowery way of speaking. Unfortunately, the English translation of his dialog makes him often prattle on meaninglessly, which isn't quite what the writers were going for.

Liz is always with his companion Ard, and usually will have a mecha of some sort (such as Trask or Bulkogidon) around to back them up in combat. Despite how Liz presents himself to others he's is actually a skilled inventor and technician, as evidenced by how powerful his inventions really are.

In combat Liz and Ard are often moderately difficult, but very self-defeating. To get to Ard to fight to his fullest, Liz has to employ alchemical liquids which have more severe adverse effects. Worse, Liz also likes to make use of explosives without regards to being in their area of effect, further damaging himself and Ard! Obviously, he and his partner aren't meant to be taken too seriously. (Their mecha, however, is another story.)

Liz is not from Filgaia and is actually a space alien who accidentally crashed when Odessa began their operations. (The translation is iffy on this, but it appears that they crashed once the Telepath? Tower was activated.) As such, Liz's primary goal is to get enough supplies and equipment from Odessa to rebuild his ship and return home. Once things are settled with Odessa, Ashley's party can, with the help of Marivel Armitage, reactivate the UFO and send them into space...only for the ship to rupture and send them crashing back down. It should be noted that going through the side quest of fighting bulkogidon to help Liz and Ard leave Filgaia is how Marival obtains her third and forth "Force" abilities.


  • Blue Bug Liquid: Level 17: Poisons Ard, triggers Ard's Bomb Punch attack
  • Homemade Bomb: Level 17: Damages everyone in both parties
  • Red Bug Liquid: Level 23: Diseases Ard, triggers Ard's Antitank Punch
  • Strange Bomb: Level 23: Damages everyone in both parties
  • Mixed Bug Liquids: Level 32: Poisons and diseases Ard, triggers Ard's Alter Ego Punch
  • Chef's Whimsy Bomb : Level 32: Damages everyone in both parties
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