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List of Fast Draw Jack Van Burace can use in Wild Arms. He start of with the Psycko Crack but later in the game you can learn more Fast Draw Techniques weapons to use.

You can also upgrade the damage, hit rate and bullets at the ARMs meister. However, in the remake, Rudy only uses one ARM; cartridges are used instead of various ARMs.

You can also reduce MP consumption of Fast Draws by using the Secret Sign item that reduces MP consumption by 1pt when using one of the techniques.

Fast Draws

  • Jack Van Burace and Hanpan

    Psycho Crack
  • Sonic Buster
  • Meteor Dive
  • Trickster
  • Heal Blade
  • Soul Breaker
  • Divide Shot
  • Blast Charge
  • Slash Rave
  • Guild Blade
  • Shadow Bind
  • Dark Sweep
  • Magnum Fang
  • Phaser Zapp
  • Cosmic Nova
  • Void
  • Trump Card
Name MP Effect Location
Psycho Crack 4 Physical attack / single / causes confusion Jack starts with it (Memory Temple)
Sonic Buster 7 Wind (?) attack / group Learned in the Mountain Pass
Meteor Dive 6 Fire attack / single Learned on Mt. Zenom
Trickster 5 Physical attack / single / steals items Bomb thief out of crate in Port Timney
Heal Blade 6 Heals one character / cures status Jump in third river of sand in Sand River
Soul Breaker 8 Instant death / single Trade a Secret Sign for it in Adlehyde
Divide Shot 10 Halves an enemy's HP Statue test in the Tripillar.
Blast Charge 10 Damages one enemy, minor damage to all other enemies Use Wind-Up Key on three robots near top of Epitaph Sea.
Slash Rave 12 Multiple physical attacks (based on luck) / single Statue test in the Sacred Shrine.
Guilty Blade 16 Physical (?) attack / group Learned after first Lady Harken fight. (Dragon Shrine)
Shadow Bind 7 Paralyzes an enemy Statue test in Dead Sanctuary; keep going past boss room.
Dark Sweep 7 Evil attack / single Use Shadow Bind on a paralyzed enemy
Magnum Fang 14 Physical attack / single Learned after second Lady Harken fight. (Demon's Lab)
Phazer Zapp 16 All 7 elements attack* / single Pick up all the books in De Le Metalica.
Cosmic Nova 20 Physical (?) attack / all Chest at start of Gemini's Corpse
Void 20 Instant death / all enemies Throne room of Arctica Castle
Trump Card 22 Physical attack / single / does damage based on Jack's HP Statue test in Malduke pipes region.