Wild Arms

Wild Arms 2

  • Gun Warrior: Ashley Winchester's character class, when not possessed. Though explicitly told in the game that he changes character class, he never does.
  • Crest Sorceress: Lilka Eleniak's character class.
  • Prisoner 666: Brad Evans's character class.
  • Zoa Priest: Tim Rhymeless's character class.
  • Bounty Hunter: Kanon's character class.
  • Crimson Noble: Marivel Armitage's character class.
  • Temporary Characters

Wild Arms 3

  • Drifter: Virginia Maxwell's character class.
  • Zoa Priest: Gallows Caradine's character class.
  • Bounty Hunter: Clive Winslett's character class.
  • Treasure Hunter: Jet Enduro's character class.
  • Template: Maya Schroedinger's meta-class. She can actually assume any character class that she reads about.
    • Gunslinger Girl: A gunfighter class based on the exploits of Jane Maxwell. This is her most common form.
    • Martial Artist Girl: A 'shaolin monk' class, also based on fictional work.
    • Wonder Witch: A cross between a fantasy witch and a magical girl. Effectively the same as a crest sorceress.

Wild Arms 4

Wild Arms 5

Classes are pretty much eschewed in this game, though a few characters are declared as having them in passing. Oddly, the classes are usually declared by enemies... and then further confirmed by the game's soundtrack. How official these are is very subject to interpretation.

Wild Arms XF

  • Character Unique Classes:
  • Starting Character Classes:
  • Act 1-8 Character Classes:
    • Excavator: Able to find rare items.
    • Sentinel: Defends other units on the field.
    • Sacred Slayer: Class adept at destroying undead.
    • Geomancer: Class which can use elemental ley-lines to maximum effect.
  • Act 2-3 Character Classes:
    • Berzerker: Warrior known for powerful charges.
    • Enigmancer: Magic user that can purify.
    • Strider: Fast moving, good aim, and highly dexterous character class.
    • Grappler: Strong bare-handed melee warrior.
  • Act 3-7 Character Classes:
    • Night Stalker: A strong warrior class that's also very hard to hit.
    • Emulator: A copycat class that mimics whatever the person next to him is doing.
    • Extremist: Minimizes and maximizes parameters of others.
    • High Cavalier: Massive damage warrior class.