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Jude Maverick
Jude Maverick.jpg
Game Wild Arms 4
Class Gadgeteer
Weapon XERD_003SS "Shapeshifter"
Gender Male
Age 13
Race Human
Gene Driver
Voice Actor (JP) Ryoko Shiraishi[1]
Voice Actor (ENG) Julie Ann Taylor[2]

Jude Maverick (Japanese: ジュード・マーヴェリック) is the central protagonist and player character of Wild Arms 4. He discovers his status as an inborn "Gene Driver," a person able to activate and use ARMs, after his home is invaded by military looking for the weapon. Jude's quest is mainly to keep Yulie Ahtreide safe while attempting to find and rescue his mother, who he was separated from as they were escaping. He learns more about the conflicts of Filgaia, the often-painful nature of being an adult, and the truth of his origins as a Gene Driver. Unfortunately, most of these issues are not resolved well for Jude, particularly the true identity of his father. Despite all these issues, Jude remains the bright, cheery, 'gung-ho' member of the group.


Jude was born in the tranquil village of Ciel with his mother Ethelda Maverick. Eventually, as the Brionac forces take the village in an effort to claim a missing ARM, Jude, along with drifter Arnaud Vasquez wind up liberating the captured Gene Driver, Yulie. Unfortunately, Jude follows up this heroic rescue by activating the "Shapeshifter" ARM that promptly destroys Ciel, which he then discovers is an isolated orbital bio-dome and not a real village at all!

Jude in the game's epilogue, age 23.

At the end of his story, Jude retires from adventuring and becomes a forest ranger near his newly settled town so he can take care of animals. It is stated in the game's epilogue that the group never fulfilled their promise to all meet again, likely because of the death of Raquel Applegate.

Wild Arms 4 Web-Page Bio

A young boy whose will to overcome obstacles tends to manifest itself as pure recklessness. He is a bit immature for his age, but this was probably influenced by the environment that he grew up in. He wears a jacket that is couple sizes too large, which only adds to his immature image. Putting his will into the mysterious ARM weapon, he is the only one in his party that can utilize it. A first-time ARM user, his stance is often a bit awkward. He's also the first non-Drifter hero since Wild Arms 2.[3]

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Bowtie Boy"

The hero of Wild Arms 4. He can be a bit bratty but a pure and truly honest person atheart. He finds himself thrown into the wilderness when soldiers attack his hometown - an artificial shelter, as he later discovers.

Bio taken from the Wild Arms 4 Manual

An active, energetic boy living in a village spared by the war. When he activates the ARM by accident, he discovers that he is a "Gene Driver" -- an individual with the ability to exert tremendous power.

Wild Arms 5

Jude appears in the town of Honeysday, tending to the animals. Once Dean Stark meets him, Jude will offer a sub-quest involving the rescue of a kitten.



Outside of combat, Jude is the sole player character regardless of who he has in his party.




Attack Description


Phantom line Boost up the effect of the shot and attack 2 HEXes in a straight line.


Ley Boost (In a normal HEX) Raises MP

(In a Wind HEX) Raises RFX by 100.
(In a Water HEX) Raises MAG by 100.
(In an Earth HEX) Raises DEF and RES by 100.
(In a Fire HEX)


Joint Struggle


Item Steal


Short Circuit Deals heavy damage to machines.


Funny Pose


Silver Launcher
XERD_001HS Assault Buster Deals damage depending on the difference in RFX. Jude combines his sword with his "Accelerator" ability.
XERD_001HS Circular Volley
XERD_001HS Pile Bunker
XERD_001HS Gatling Raid
XERD_001HS Apoptosis Deals heavy damage to Wild ARMs.

Force Abilities

Name Description
Mystic Extends an item's effect to all HEXes. (25 FP)
Combination Art Rousing Strike (Jude, Yulie) (50 FP)
Combination Art Blade Diver (Jude, Arnaud) (50 FP)
Combination Art Dual Brand (Jude, Raquel) (50 FP)
Combination Art Gadget Crush (Jude, Kresnik) Powerful attack. Power: 1100. Targets all enemy HEXes. (50 FP)
Combination Art Riot Fencer (Jude, Arnaud, Raquel) (75 FP)
Combination Art Cyclone Wheel (Jude, Yulie, Raquel) (75 FP)
Combination Art Magus Cannon (Jude, Yulie, Arnaud) (75 FP)
Combination Art Arc Impulse (Jude, Yulie, Arnaud, Raquel) (100 FP)
Combination Art Kindred Souls (Jude, Yulie, Arnaud, Raquel) (100 FP)