Janus Cascade
Janus art
Game Wild Arms 3
Class Outcast
Hometown Little Twister
Weapon Sniper Shark XR (Bayonet)
Tools Hurl Knife, Booty Call, Flare Gun
Skills Normal
Heretic Stab, Multiblast, Rising Nova
Dark Spear/Demon Form
Dark Spear, Negative Rainbow, Ultranegative Rainbow, Proton Beam
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 5'6"
Weight 165 lbs.
Race Human (Chapter 1)
Demon (Chapter 2 onwards)
Voice Actor (JP) Toshihiko Seki (Drama CD)

Janus Cascade (Japanese: ジェイナス・カスケード,) is a recurring antagonist in Wild Arms 3. Janus is a Drifter thief known all over Filgaia, a brash outlaw who exudes overconfidence and arrogance. He travels with his two followers Dario Nicolodi and Romero Gigio. Virginia Maxwell's party has many encounters with him, as he is the main villain in Chapter 1, and goes on to become a somewhat lesser yet still significant threat throughout the game.

Wild Arms 3

Janus is first encountered attempting to steal the Arc Sceptre. The various party members of Wild Arms 3 each band together (albeit very loosely) to stop the theft, and Janus must escape the train without their intended goal. For the first part of the game, Janus and his group repeatedly confront Virginia's party over various artifacts. During these conflicts, Janus openly declares his admiration and affection for Virginia, who reciprocates (to a point). Ultimately, Janus's ambition costs him his comrades and even his humanity. When he attempts to claim the Dark Spear for himself at Ka Dingel, he is ultimately defeated. The Prophets, however, use the Dark Spear on Janus and mutate him into a demon form, the Demon Knight. For a while, this seems to bolster both Janus's power and arrogance, and his next few encounters with Virginia's team are decidedly more unpleasant.

Janus reluctantly followed the Prophets' orders, seeking the time when he could betray them, but that time wouldn't come. Janus would meet his end when the Dark Spear within him would mature, aided from a download of Hyades, and recreate the legendary demon, Siegfried. In the battle for possession, Janus would be impaled by the very blade he coveted.

Wild Arms 3 Bio

A Drifter with amazing abilities, who is known throughout the wasteland. He masterfully utilizes the "Bayonet", a difficult to handle weapon that is rarely used. He is fearless, smooth-talking, and overconfident, but he has the abilities and skills to justify his cocky attitude.


  • Janus' ARM, fighting style, and character design are meant to resemble those of Ashley Winchester from Wild Arms 2.
  • It is briefly mentioned before the train fight begins that there was a fourth member to Janus' party, Lucio, who is explicitly stated to be deceased.