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Jane Maxwell
Jane Maxwell.jpg
Game Wild Arms
Wild Arms Alter Code: F
Class Thief
Weapon Flegel Jahre (ARM)
Skills Sucker ☆
Pilfer ☆
What Can You Do? ☆
Follow Me ☆
I'll Show You ☆
Mystic (Force Ability)
Gender Female
Age 14
Height 5'1" (155 cm)
Race Human
Voice Actor (JP) Ikue Ohtani
Voice Actor (ENG) Melissa Fahn ("Kindred Souls")
Get off me, you idiot! How long do you plan to stay on top of me?!
Jane over-objecting to Rudy saving her life.

Jane Maxwell, also known as "Calamity Jane", is a fictional character from the original Wild Arms game and its remake, Wild Arms Alter Code: F. Jane starts off as a bit of a rival for the party as she seeks out famous treasures throughout Filgaia. Her apparent selfish, greedy nature is actually a front, as she became a Drifter in order to pay the expenses met by her family orphanage in Court Seim, where she's considered a local hero. She is always in the company of Magdalen Harts, her 'butler', who has sworn to protect her. In Alter Code: F, she occasionally ends her sentences with stars (☆). Eventually she becomes more formally affiliated a group and develops a rivalry with Cecilia over her romantic feelings for Rudy Roughknight.

In Alter Code F, Jane joins the party throughout the game several times. If the player performs an optional quest, she will permanently join the party near the end of the game. The player needs to have the Guardians Zephyr, Justine, and Raftina in their possession before she will join. She can be found in her room in Court Seim.

Wild Arms Alter Code Biography

Jane is a member of the formerly well-to-do Maxwell family, turned treasure hunter. She is capable of handling the ARM like Rudy. 

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Up-and-coming businesslady"

A descendant of the once-wealthy house of Maxwell. Better known as "Calamity Jane".

Wild Arms 3

Although Jane isn't technically in Wild Arms 3, her spirit is in full force in the form of Virginia's self-proclaimed rival - Maya Schröedinger, who acts very much in the same manner and even bears a striking physical similarity. The reason for this, of course, is that Maya's power allows her to assume the forms of characters she reads about - and her favorite character to read about is Jane Maxwell.

Wild Arms 4

Jane briefly appears in Wild Arms 4 alongside Emma Hetfield and Zed when the player uses "Kindred Souls", a Force Ability available after collection all 6 Familiar Tale items.

Wild Arms 5

Jane Maxwell is a human that has given up adventuring and become a powerful and skilled businesswoman. Her 'professional' exterior, however, is cracked when she meets and falls in love with Rudy Roughknight. Her rivalry with Cecilia over him is then given a further homage when the player - Dean - gets to ultimately choose which of the girls (Mariel included) wins by delivering a respective item to the man in question.