I Look Up at the Sky Because You Are There (Japanese: 空を見上げる君がいるから Hepburn: Sora Wo Miageru Kimi Ga Iru Kara) is the main theme for Wild Arms 4. The song was composed by Michiko Naruke, with Japanese vocals provided by Kaori Asoh and English vocals provided by Franki Love. The short version of the song song can first be heard during the animated sequence after completing the game's prologue (Disc 1, Track 2), after which said opening sequence plays every time the player loads a saved game. The full version of the song plays during the final battle of the game, against the Divine Weapon (Disc 4, Track 8) An extended instrumental version of the song exists on the album, called The Hand Reaching Out to the Sky Above (Japanese: 見上げた空に届いた手 Hepburn: Miageta Sora ni Todoita Te), which plays after the player has beaten the game and the ending credits roll (Disc 4, Track 22). Also, a chiptune version of the song exists on Disc 4 (Track 19) of the game's soundtrack called Yet Another Ex. File (Japanese: まだまだEx.ファイル Hepburn: Mada Mada Ex. Fairu). Also, Starlight and the Passing Breeze (Japanese: 星の光と渡る風 Hepburn: Hoshi no Hikari to Wataru Kaze) is a reprise of the song's vocal piece played in a different key signature, consisting of whistling, harmonica, and two guitars (Disc 3, Track 7).


Romanized lyrics Original Japanese English Translation English Adaption (Franki Love)
Donna basho demo jibun no tsuyosa wo
Shinjiru koto ha kantan ja nai ne
Dakara tsumi kasanete kita yuuki wo
Miageta sora ni kakagete
Wherever I am,
It's not easy to have faith in my own strength,
So I hoist up into the sky
All the courage that I've come to build up
Deep in you, how to find the strength inside? It challenges you
Taking all that you can find, it's alright, trust in yourself
So come on, it's because you've come this far, it's waiting for you
You must raise yourself above and touch the sky
Taisetsu na mono tsuresatte yuku
Hageshii kaze wa tomaranai kedo
Gareki no naka ni hisomu mirai wo
Hitotsu zutsu taguri yosete


激しい風は止まらないけど  瓦礫の中に潜む未来を  


All the things I did to you

Winds of fate come blowing through

Takes away the things you love

And you don't know what to do

And from nothing comes the light

See your future still is sight

Waiting there in you,

Find the things that you have.

Tsumugi ageta yume ga koko ni aru
Mou tebanashitaku nai

夢がここにある もう手放したくない

The dreams we see so far

Together makes us who we are

So don't let go, you know we're almost there

  • Sora wo miageru kimi ga iru kara
Kanjite iru yo owari janai to
Uso wo tsuitemo furueta mama demo
Koko kara nigetari shinai


終わりじゃないと  嘘をついても震えたままでも ここから逃げたりしない 

I see you, endless gazing up to the sky, wondering why

And you feel you can't go on, but you know this isn't the end

So come on, it's a lie when shaking in fear

You're fooling yourself

It is true you'll never run away from here

Minna saigo ni Hohoemi nagara
Senaka wo mukete
Kieteta keredo
Hontou wa ima mo
Bokura ni wa Sore ga wakaru







On the outside they would smile, laughing, joking all around

On the inside they would cry, painful truth they try to hide

But no matter what they do, what illusions they could use

They can try, but not hide the truth from my eyes

Atsui omoi Zembu uketometa
Mou sayonara wa iranai



With passion on their side, they know that they can't be denied,

No need to ever say goodbye again

Sora wo miageru bokura ga tatazumu
Kouya no kaze wa kyou mo tsumetai
Dakedo nokoshite kureta mirai ga
Ima kono mune ni aru kara

荒野の風は今日も冷たい  だけど残してくれた未来が 


Looking on

Raise your head we look to the sky, and sat for a while

Cold wind blows, it won't slow down

Dries my eyes, knows how I feel

Don't look back its a message from above

The message is true

Find the future safe within our open hearts

"Kimi no mae ni tsuzuiteru michi wo
Mamoritainda subete wo kakete
Tatoe ashita e tadori tsukenai
Sadame ni nomikomarete mo"
「キミの前に続いてる道を 守りたいんだ 全てをかけて 

たとえ明日へ たどりつけない   運命に飲み込まれても―」

Most of all

Keep the road in front of you safe from the harm

So much more is on the line

Many more not far behind

That is why you must save this road you're on safe for the rest

Even though your fate may not include the dawn

*Repeat chorus
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