Hugo Hewitt from Wild Arms 4

  • Age: 33
  • Codename: System Chronos

Wild Arms 4

A Brionac Lieutenant known for his skillful wielding of the pair of swords know as Gan and Diva. By combining the two swords he is able to create a bow which shoots arrows of light, and this allows him to target even distant foes with deadly accuracy. His special ability is "System Chronos" which allows him to nullify even Jude's accelerator ability.

The party first meets Hugo in the Cerulean Tunnel shortly after departing from Gawn to get to the next level. While out to complete his mission, he was interested in seeing the power that defeated Scythe. It is here that he reveals his powers to the group, which are apparently superior to Jude Maverick's Accelerator powers, but shortly finds himself surprised as Raquel blocks his attacks, having deduced his power's weakness. Jude then takes on Hugo himself, and surprises him by anticipating his attack and blocking it with a shield. He is defeated by the protagonists after a battle, and concedes his loss to Jude's skill before dying.