Wild Arms AC: F

The Herb Magician is adept at maximizing the potential of any magical effects from flowers. This seems to be a talent unique to the Elw and the only playable character with the ability is Mariel. While Mariel is shown using the flowers in casting spells, they seem to come from her own endless supply rather than the party's inventory.

The skills an herb magician knows are as follows:

  • Heal Berry: Level 1. Restores 100 HP to one ally.
  • Revive Fruit: Level 10. Recovers fallen status from an ally, and restores full HP.
  • Nectar: Level 20. Restores VIT gauge and negates max-HP reductions.
  • Potion Berry: Level 30. Restores 500 HP to one ally.
  • Magic Carrot: Level 40. Restores 50 MP to one ally.
  • Status Apple: Level 50. Increases all statistics of an ally for the battle.
  • Mega Berry: Level 60. Restores 2000 HP to one ally.
  • Force Carrot: Level 70. Raises one ally's FP to 100.