Gadgeteer Class

Male and female Gadgeteers

Class Description

The Gadgeteer is focused on the usage of items. They are the only class that can use items on units other than themselves and they can also use the Mystic ability to have the effects of items stretch across the battlefield. This can be an efficient way of healing the entire party at once; It can also be an offense skill when extending the range of items that cast spells. To make this class more effective as a caster unit giving it a spell book will boost the effectiveness of its gems causing massive damage.

The Gadgeteer equips wrenches as weapons and aprons for armor.

Original Commands

Original Commands are techniques that can be used in battle provided the needed requirements are met. The Gadgeteer only has one Original Command.

Command Description MP Cost
Mystic Extends the range of item effects. 20

Personal Skills

These skills activate automatically for units in the Gadgeteer class. When enough CSP is gained these skills can also be equipped by the unit even when it switches to a different class. The special skill is a superior skill learned when the class is mastered.

Skill Description
Gadgeteer OC Allows the unit to use Gadgeteer Originals Commands.
Gadgeteer EQ Allows the unit to equip Gadgeteer equipment.
Decelerate Reduces the target's RFX counter when attacking.
Item Effect Up Increases the effect of items.
Item Range Up Allows the unit to use items on other units.
Item Carry Up Increases the number of items the unit can equip.
Special Skill Description
High Class Items Allows the unit to use high-class items.
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