Fiore from Wild Arms 4

Fiore is one of two dolls brought to life by the obsession of their master, Heath, a former lieutenant in the Brionac Force. Despite that their master was executed a long time ago, they continue to live. Since they are fueled by dreams, they are known as the "Dreaming Dolls". Like Belial, they are not official members of the force. They are both generally cheerful, but get lonely easily. Both of the dolls were the only ones Heath ever loved, and the feeling was mutual. However, the idea of their creation disgusted Heath's coworkers.

Fiore and Asia both confront Jude and his friends at the end of the Mim'krilu Skyway after sending a group of Spriggans to attack the group in their attempt to capture Yulie. They explain that they'll be waiting for the party to reach them at the end of the path if they refuse to give up Yulie before disappearing. The two dolls fight the group, but are left flummoxed once defeated.

Raquel asks the dolls if Heath really loved them and if they inherited all their thoughts and behavior from him. She deduces that Heath only believed in escaping to his fantasies, angering Fiore, who tries to destroy everyone with her, but is thrown aside before she self-destructs. A pained and lonely Asia soon joins her, attempting to take the protagonists with her as well.