Felius Arwin

  • Class: Halberdier
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5'8"

Felius Arwin is one of the protagonists of Wild Arms XF. He is adopted by Melissa Arwin into her and her daughter's family prior to the events of the game.

Wild Arms XF Web Bio

Felius is a very quiet and reserved person who generally keeps his feelings to himself. Somewhat blunt and straightforward, he comes across as cold and distant. However, he is fiercely loyal to his friends and will do anything for them. He is like a brother to Clarissa and acts as her guarding and has devoted himself to protecting her no matter the cost, even if the danger arises from her somtimes impulsive decisions. Why he is so devoted to Clarissa is a mystery, much like everything else about him.

Character Class: Halberdier

Felius as an Halberdier is a very offensive character. He has decent attack power and great defense, with good movement and personal skills that allow him to assist his adjacent allies to add extra damage. He can use the Defender skill regardless if he has the Sentinel's skill equipped, just by having his Halberd class's arm equipped. Have him gain the stat perimeter increase of the Secutur equipped, and he will be one of the strongest characters to have around.

Original Commands

Command Description MP Cost
Shockwave Attcks 3 Hexes with a shockwave. can only be used when a polearm is equipped. 12
Upper Hand Attack that gains strengh if the target is on a higher HEX than the user. Ignores the "flying attribute" 20
Disarm Physical attackthat unequips the target's weapon. Can only be used a polearm is equipped. 8
Status Absorb Absorbs status ailments frm surrounding ally units, transferring them to the user. 16

Personal Skills

Skill Description
Halberdier OC Allows the unit to use Halberdier Originals.
Overflow Increasesthe strength of attacks and and Originals for each enemy defeated.
Crisis AIM Up Increasses AIM when the unit is in Crisis status.
Halberdier EQ Allows the unit to equip Halberdier equipment.
Counter Rate Up Increasesthe chance of counterattacking based on the number of units surrounding the unit.
Attack Assist Attacks out of turn when an ally attacks an adjacent enemy.
Special Skill Description
+3 Skill slots Lets Felius equip 3 extra learned skills

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