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Enil Aidem
Game Wild Arms 4
Class Dark Whisperer
Gender Female
Age 31
Race Human
Voice Actor (JP) Nao Takamori
Voice Actor (EN) Erika Lenhart[1]

Enil Aidem is a Brionac Lieutenant. As a character, she is extremely harsh on herself and has difficulty interacting with others. Although she lacks physical prowess in battle, her specialty is in psychological attacks. She is not only able to materialize her opponents' fears (Dark Whisper) but she also has the ability to shape-shift, thus making her an ideal candidate for infiltration and espionage.

Wild Arms 4

Enil lures Jude and his party to Etemenanki by posing as Yulie's brother Kresnik to tempt Yulie to come over to Brionac's side. However, Jude does not fall for this, and Yulie eventually realizes that it's only an impostor and reveals herself and her powers as she engages them in battle. However, she loses this fight, lamenting over how they were able to defeat her despite trying to use their fears and doubts against them.

Consequently, this battle makes Yulie overcome her fears. Enil is surprised to realize this, and comes to find that she had given shape to her own fears and was unable to trust anyone. After this, she gives up her own mission to chase down Yulie, wishing for the strength to fight her fears before she herself dies.

It is implied by some of her dialogue (especially recounting Heath Exon's execution) that Enil may have been one of the women taken advantage of by Heath, resulting in her trust issues and fear. [2]


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  2. Enil:"Behind the hearts of no small number of people lurks a dark and filthy side. Even if they project an image of nobility, honesty and goodness, the same is not necessarily true with regard to their hearts. Physical existence acts as a lid that not only hides but restrains that darkness from coming forth. Remove that existence, and all that would normally be kept hidden spills out."