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Male and female Emulators.

The Emulator is a Character Class from the Wild Arms XF game.

Class Description

The Emulator class is one of the final four general classes available to the player after Act 3-7. True to it's name, the Emulator "emulates" enemy skills in battle via "Download," which these skills are then learned and kept with the unit and can be used even after moving. The Emulator can also randomly emulate the previous action of another unit with "Action Replay" under the conditions where the Emulator is adjacent to the unit that has taken action on an enemy unit that is also adjacent to the unit and Emulator. Their standard equipment are Bombs as weapons and Clocks as armor: Bombs have a unique attribute in damaging the surrounding HEX panels of the target and ignore the "Flying" status of some enemies, whereas Clocks increase DEF based on the amount of MP used. With "MP Recovery" and "Conserve MP" (even with "Download" to certain extents), conservation in the use of Originals is less than a restriction than usual for this class. Along with the skill "Exploit Weakness," elemental attacks and/or Originals are much more effective on targeted units. Amassing an Emulator with the four basic elemental enemy skills, "Electrigger," and the wide assortment of status ailment spells puts the Emulator class at a higher tier than your typical mage-type class.

Original Commands

Original Commands are techniques that can be used in battle provided the needed requirements are met. The Emulator begins with only one command and can learn more by using the Download command on an enemy with a learnable skill. A list of enemy skills and where to obtain them is in the next section.

Command Description MP Cost
Download Randomly learns the target enemy's skill(s). Recovers MP if the skills have already been learned. 0

Learnable Enemy Skills

Skill Description MP Cost Monsters and Locations
Asphyxiate Instant-death attack. 48 Harpy (Bandits Forest, Rasalom Keep)
Buried Alive Earth-elemental breath attack. 32 Clymenus (Flatwoods); Paigoel (Deserter's Camp)
Crimson Cremation Fire-elemental breath attack. 32 Clymenus (Flatwoods); Paigoel (Deserter's Camp)
Downhearted Inflicts Misery status, preventing the target from using Originals thatconsume MP. Units in Misery status cannot recover MP. 48 Nightstalkers, (Capitol, Act III )
Dangerous Matter Reduces the target's HP by half. 48 Creeping Chaos, (Flatwoods)
Electrigger Lightning-elemental breath attack. Deals heavy damage to mechanical units. 36 Ignatus Fatuus, (Wayword Path); Undead Emulators (Act III)
Hydro Pressure Water-elemental breath attack. 32 Clymenus (Flatwoods); Paigoel (Deserter's Camp)
Kirlian Buster Decreases the target's maximum HP. 48 Gremalkin, Marchosias (Bandit Hill)
Luminous Moss Inflicts Confusion status, causing the target to randomly attack unitsregardless of whether they are allies or enemies 48 Ascomoid, Moss Fungus (Promise Hill)
Petrify Inflicts Stone status. Physical attacks will reduce a unit in Stone status to zero HP. 48 Gorgon (White Devil Plains); Rhinoceros (Rhino River)
Slumber Fog Inflicts Sleep status, preventing the target from acting. 48 Orc (Circle Valley, Princeton, Rasalom Keep)
Stink Cloud Inflicts Disease status, preventing the target from recovering HP. 48 Damnation (Sundome Abbey); Nightstalkers, (Capitol, Act III )
Storm Blade Wind-elemental breath attack. 32 Clymenus (Flatwoods); Paigoel (Deserter's Camp)
Toxic Breath Inflicts Poison status, causing the target to lose HP each turn. 48 Tarasque (White Devil Plains)

Personal Skills

These skills activate automatically for units in the Emulator class. When enough CSP is gained these skills can also be equipped by the unit even when it switches to a different class. The special skill is a special skill learned when the class is mastered.

Skill Description
Emulator OC Allows the unit to use Emulator Original Commands
Action Replay Randomly copies the action of an adjacent ally against an enemy adjacent to both allies.
MP Recovery Recovers MP at the beginning of each turn.
Emulator EQ Allows the unit to use Emulator equipment.
Exploit Weakness Increases damage when attacking an enemy's elemental weakness.
Conserve MP Reduces the MP cost of skills by 25%.
Special Skill Description
Replay Master Increases the chance of action Replay activating, as well as the success rate of Download.
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