The Divine Weapon also known as XERD_004DW[1] serves as the final boss of the game Wild Arms 4, merged with a corrupted Hauser Blackwell. The Divine Weapon, as well as the ARMS in general, was originally created by the scientists of the Global Union (including Jude Maverick's mother, Ethelda Maverick and the villagers of Ciel Shelter) in order to repair the environment of Filgaia, which was damaged during the world war. It was buried deep within an island where Illsveil Prison was built until the Brionac Forces had prisoners excavate it for their own purposes.


The Divine Weapon has 3 forms. The first one being Hauser himself, who has the same battle stance as Jude Maverick (who is, ironically, his son). After the player defeats him, he transforms into a more powerful Wild ARM, that can inflict damage and cause all status abnormalities in unison. His third and final form appears subsequently and the party must perform "Arc Impulse", a Combination Art requiring all characters in the same hex and 100 FP, in order to defeat him.