Dinoginos (translated as Denogeneous in the original Wild Arms) is alternately known as the Guardian of Mountains and the Guardian of Summits. He is a gigantic reptilian resembling a kaiju with rocky scales and horns that stands on his hind legs. In the original Wild Arms, he was guarding one of the pieces of Mother's heart; oddly, he was left out of the remake and was not heard from again until Wild Arms 5. However, in Wild Arms 5, he gains a new appearance as a gigantic humanoid creature with rock skin and a torch on his head. This new appearance made him resemble a golem more than a dinosaur. He is one of the most rarely seen Guardians in the series. 

In Wild Arms 5, rather than attacking the enemy as most Guardians were prone to do in the original game, Dinoginos uses his power to greatly boost the combat abilities of all allies in battle by attaching all positive effects to the hexes each party member is standing on. 

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