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"Dandelion Shot" is a unique character class found in the game "Wild Arms XF".

Class Description

This class is exclusive to Clarissa, although she is free to switch to other general classes and back again. This class's primary offense relies on the use of her mysterious gun, Strahl Gewehr, but she can also sacrifice her HP to do massive damage. Clarissa can also encourage party members adjacent to her to increase their parameters. She is an all around unit and her Strahl Gewehr is a good long-range weapon, and it gains more power as Clarissa gains levels. However, it's power will be lacking until later levels. Strahl Gewehr is a magical weapon, and so it has a higher MAG parameter, and thus giving her magical classes will boost her effectiveness all together. She is a supportive unit, so if you make her a healer, she will be a great ally to have backing up your units with the additional ability to attack from afar.

Giving this class any buffing skills could help in maintaining the survival of the party, as well as the Enigmancers ability to increase the defense of units, could be essential in some battles.

Original Commands

Command Description MP Cost
Howling Shot Attacks all enemies in a straight line. Cannot be used after moving, and can only be used when Strahl Gewehr is equipped. 32
Sacrifice Sacrifices the user's HP to damage the target. Cannot be used after moving. 16
Encourage Increases surrounding units' RFX. 8
Rob Turn Steals the target's turn. Cannot be used after moving. 32

Personal Skills

Skill Description
Dandelion Shot OC Allows the unit to use Dandelion Shot Original Commands
Soul Survivor Nullifies instant-death effects.
Dandelion Shot EQ Allows the unit to use Dandelion Shot Original Equipment.
Throw Block Randomly nullifies thrown-weapon attacks.
Courageous Heart Increases MAG, RES, and EVA when the unit is in Crisis status.
Extra Critical Randomly increases the strength of critical attacks. Can activate multiple times depending on level.
Special Skill Description
Plus 3 Skill Slots Lets Clarissa equip 3 more Class OC skills she has learned.


The only weapon of the Dandelion Shot Class is Strahl Gewehr. It does not have any upgrades or other versions, as it gains power as Clarissa gains levels.

Weapon Description
Strahl Gewehr Parameters increase with experience level.

The Strahl Gewehr


Clarissa uses Brooches as her armor. These corsages decrease the HP cost of the Sacrifice command.

Armor Description
Rose Corsage,+1,+2,+3,+4,+5,+6
Rose Corsage
Rose Corsage
Rose Corsage
Rose Corsage
Rose Corsage
Rose Corsage
Pine Corage,+1,+2,+3,+4,+5,+6
Lily Corsage,+1,+2,+3,+4,+5,+6
Prytwen Flower
Avarice Flower
Crantz Floer
Four-Leaf Clover
Tiny Flower