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"If your destiny is clear, the pull of love will always be there." Dan Dairam, Wild Arms

Dan Dairam is the Guardian of Time. He appears to be a large black cat dressed in aristocratic clothing and workman boots; he has a very dignified appearance but often acts in a somewhat comical manner. To get his Rune in Wild Arms the player must solve the mystery of the Rings of Timespace; they will then find his rune in the Temple of Illusion; in the remake his medium is found in Eternal Engine. In Wild Arms 2 his Rune can be found within the Promised Catacombs. The Time Guardian's medium can be found in the dungeon Infinitum in Wild Arms 3 and his medium is used to create a portal through space time in which Asgard the golem is tossed into the distant past.

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