A Crest Sorcerer is a mage capable of using magic spells inscribed upon Crest Graphs. Depending on which crests are inscribed upon the graphs these can range from healing magic and boosts to elemental attack magics and debuffs.

Wild Arms

In Wild Arms, Cecilia Adlehyde is the only crest sorcerer available to the party. Though initially weak, her magical ability actually makes her rather potent near end game. Her stronger magics are (almost) a match for Rudy Roughknight's strongest ARM attacks and some guardians.

Crest Graphs are rare in game, essentially it's impossible to get enough to have the full library of spells available to the party with just the graphs found in game.

Wild Arms 2

Lilka Eleniak is the crest sorceress in this game and is the party's primary magic user for the first half of the game.

Wild Arms 3

Though this game doesn't specifically feature crest users, Gallows Caradine's abilities with magic has him fulfill the same role. Also, Virginia tools mainly consist of Tindercrest, Galecrest, and Changecrest.

Wild Arms Alter Code: F

Wild Arms 4

Arnaud Vasquez fills the role of crest sorcerer in this game. His abilities are far more heavily tied to the Ley Lines than other Crest Sorcerers, however.

Wild Arms 5

Crests do not make an appearance in this game, and no character shows similar abilities. (Cecilia and Lilka's cameos notwithstanding.)


  • The in-game art of Wild Arms suggests they are a cross between the paper scrips used by Shinto Monks and American western-style playing cards. The Art of Wild Arms explicitly shows them as playing cards with mystical symbols in place of suits.
  • The Crests used in Wild Arms are reminiscent of tribal markings. Each not only personifies an element, but also has several other aspects attributed to emotions, animals, or spirits.