Clive Winslett
Game Wild Arms 3
Location Den of Miasma
Class Bounty Hunter
Weapon Gungnir HAG35 (Sniper Rifle)
Tools Smart Bombs, Mighty Gloves, Grappling Hook
Force Abilities Lock On, Gatling, Summon
Gender Male
Age 30
Height 5'8"
Weight 152 lbs.
Race Human
Voice Actor (JP) Kazuhiko Inoue (Drama CD)

Clive Winslett (Japanese: クライヴ・ウィンスレット) is one of the main playable protagonists of Wild Arms 3. A scholar at heart, Clive is seen as a gentleman with a somewhat calm personality. Dedicated to his occupation, he always gets the job done and if there's an error in his planning he makes up for his mistakes. He usually looks before he leaps, a temperament that helps to balance out the rest of his team's personalities. While this causes him to hesitate in the heat of the moment, inversely to this, he's most likely to get out of his situations more effectively. When it comes to his home life however, he's a strong father and a loyal husband. Being a resident of Humphrey's Peak, Clive likes to spend his time with wife Catherine and daughter Kaitlyn who in return are very loving.


Wild Arms 3 Bio

"The Proud Sniper"

Clive is a bounty hunter that helps preserve the peace by offering his services to fighting monsters and criminals. With a cool head and realistic decision-making skills, Clive makes sure the team is always careful.

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Amateur Rocketeer"

A bounty-hunting Drifter, but actually a scholar at heart, with a wife and child back home.