Charlton Blunt

Charlton Blunt is a major antagonist in Wild Arms XF.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 37
  • Height: 5'10"

Wild Arms XF Web Bio

Charlton Blunt is the Chairman of the Council of Elder Statesmen of the Kingdom of Elesius. Despite coming from a low-ranking family feared and despised by other aristocratic families due to their knowledge of the dark arts, his unrelenting drive and ambition have placed him in a position of power second only to that of the king. A man of conservative values, his ultimate goal is to restore Elesius to its former role as a feudalistic aggressor state. He despises Edna, but as she is the spiritual leader of the kingdom, he has no choice but to tolerate her snobbish, boorish behavior and her endless histrionics.

During his battle against Chevalet Blanc in Richnell he is defeated and attacked by the previously liberated Eisen, forcing him to retreat.

His subsequent meeting with Katrina and Edna led to Edna discovering that Charlton was also afraid through Katrina, and thus betraying him by secretly destroying some parts of the Ex Mortes.

He discovers this during the second encounter with Chevalet Blanc where he then talks about his past life before entering the battle. The damaged Ex Mortes made him lose his ability to control the zombies he summoned where he is then eventually felled by the zombies.


Charlton has high Magic capability and uses Necromancy as his weapon when he is encountered. He has the ability to use the dark arts and summon vast hordes of powerful red zombies (as opposed to the regular green ones) named Jack Dones. He uses the book Ex Mortes to control these monsters.

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