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Ceracenian (Also know as Saracenian in Wild Arms 2 so far) are common enemies on Wild Arms series.

Wild Arms

Those enemies can be encountered in Sacred Shrine dungeon.

These creatures resemble the Dryad in their physical appearance, green grass shrubs with a life of their own, have one eye and twigs representing their claws.

During the invasion in Sacred Shrine, we see a human becoming a monsters, more specifically a group of Ceracenian.

Its appearance is similar to the Dryad found in Guardian Shrine, having your different colors and abilities. Later we find an enemy similar to him and stronger in Forest Prison called Trifed 

Human turns Ceracenian



  • LEVEL: 32
  • HP: 600
  • MP:00
  • EXP: 1200
  • GELLA: 73
  • WEAK: Fire
  • SPELLS: Rock Gazer, Steal (Violet Rose)
  • DROP: Nothing
  • Trickster: Violet Rose

Wild Arms 2

They are called Saracenian from this game so far.


  • HP: 230
  • Gella: 380
  • Drop: Big Berry
  • Steal: Heal Berry
  • Resistant: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistant: none
  • Halved: none

Wild Arms 3

Saracenian in Wild Arms 3

Saracenian are enemies encountered around the map near The Secret Garden area.

Their body is made up of foliage, they use their stalks to move, they have a red eye in an eye opening, on top of their head a stalk with some leaves, they use their claws to attack, these have a large mouth with sharp teeth at the ends .

These creatures resemble the Dryad found earlier near Westwood Station area.

Later we find an enemy similar to him and stronger in around the map near the Nidhogg Pass called Triffid.


  • HP: 250
  • EXP: 52
  • GELLA: 58
  • Halved: Earth
  • Resistant: None
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Active: None
  • Absorbed: Water
  • Status Change: None
  • Spell: Downhearted; HP Robber;

Wild Arms Alter Code: F