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Catoblepas (Catobrepas in Wild Arms) are an enemy from Wild Arms games.

Wild Arms

They are emies encountered near the Wandering Isle and Dead Sanctuary location in the map.

They usually attack alone. These creatures by themselves, resembling a big-nosed dinosaur. have a sort of Second mouth in the back, blue coloration skin and red horns in top of head.

Its appearance is similar to the Stanga  found in Volcannon Trap , having your different colors and abilities.


  • LEVEL: 35
  • HP: 2200
  • MP: 00
  • EXP: ??
  • GELLA: ??
  • WEAK: None
  • SPELLS: Evil Eye, Steal (Heat Save)
  • DROP: Nothing
  • Trickster: Heat Save

Wild Arms 2

Catoblepas in Wild Arms 2

They are enemies found in the Diablo Pillar Judecca dungeon.


  • HP: 600
  • Gella: 720
  • Lv: 30
  • Drops: Softener
  • Pickpocket: Pinwheel
  • RedSkill: None
  • Divides Into: Pas De Chat
  • Weak: Dk