• Age: 21
  • Sex: Male (Female in the American version).
  • Height: 169 cm
  • Meaning: Traitors to blood relatives
  • Weapon: Randolf (magic key)

One of Odessa's sources of monsters, and manipulator of Randolf the Magic Key, a large magical key that has the power to open portals to other dimensions, summon demons and cast spells. He is responsible for the Demon Summoning at the start of the game. A true sympathizer with Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus's ideals, he follows the Odessa leader almost blindly.

Caina had fallen in love with Vinsfeld, something that tormented him when Vinsfeld perished, eventually driving him to exact an equal torment on Ashley Winchester. Aside from his activities within Cocytus, little else is known about Caina. He is the only member of the Cocytus to survive beyond his tower and into the second disc. Originally thought dead as when he was defeated in his tower, he invoked Randolph to heal him, but the key opened a dimensional rift, pulling Caina in as he screamed.


In the American version, Caina's gender was changed into female. While this was probably due to his explicit homosexuality and very female-looking character design, this may not have actually been a deliberate change. It's very possible that it was a result of a very bad localization effort for the game (there are many, many errors in translation), and bishonen characters had not really been popularized in the United States. Even as a bishonen character, Caina is decidedly female-looking. Moreover, Caina also pointedly uses magic, a trait reserved exclusively to females so far in the Wild Arms series (this would change in the following game).

With all this, the localization effort may have simply just missed the fact that Caina was really male after all. Despite this, for 'canon' purposes (and the purposes of this Wiki), Caina is assumed to be male.