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Rudy use the Key Plate to open

Cage Tower is located north east of Saint Centour  surrounded by cracked ground. Is a recurring dungeon through out the Wild Arms series.

Is known as the place where we met Calamity Jane & McDullen.

Tower Trap

Rudy found's s new ARM power.

Alhazad the next Quarter Knight will make his appearance & send Night Gauntto fight you while he smashes the Statue & experiments on Saint Centour.

During the passage Rudy discovers a new ARMs, the Prism Laser.

After the fight a blond woman comes with her butler and demands you give her 2000G for you freedom

The group falls into a trap

After payment she'll then destroy a pillar using her ARMs freeing the heroes.

Shes introduces herself as Jane Maxwell & the butler reveals her as Calamity Jane & him as McDullen. the group will then hand over the 2000G & they will make their exit.


Jane and McDullen appear for the first time