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Blue Book

Blue Books are magical enemies in the Wild Arms game series.

Wild Arms

They can be found in Cecilia's prologue in the Sealed Library, a secret hiding place in Curan Abbey.

They usually attack in large groups and can divide the battle with another enemy the Gagison. Later we find an enemy similar to him and stronger in De Le Metalica called Talgium.


  • LEVEL: 2
  • HP:13
  • MP:60
  • EXP: 6
  • GELLA: 12
  • SPEELS: Freeze, Slow Down
  • WEAK: Flame
  • DROP: Magic Carrot
  • Trickster: Magic Carrot

Wild Arms 2

They can be found in Lilka's prologue in the Millenium Puzzle, a magical hiding place.


  • LEVEL: 02
  • HP: 100
  • XP: 05
  • GELLA: 30
  • Drop: Heal Berry
  • Pickpocket: None
  • Red Skill: None
  • Divides Into: Kobold
  • Elemental Stats: Fire (Weak)