• SmashFan127


    August 15, 2011 by SmashFan127

    oh hi there! how are you?

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  • RaquelApplegate

    I've been re-watching Wild Arms Twilight Venom. Here's a little bit of history for you: When the WA:TV first came out dubbed in English I hated it. I was a sophmore in highschool way back then and I eagerly awaited the first DVD of the anime as I was still on a Wild ARMs high from playing WA3. I watched the first two or three episodes the first night and was disappointed. I found it dis-jointing how abruptly it jumps from scene to scene and how slow paced some episodes could be. I hated some what I percieved to be the dis-continunity in the series such as how everyone minus Issac has to spend alot of time together waiting for a ship to come at the end of the first episode but then act like complete strangers in the next episode. I liked th…

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  • Sonicrox14

    Wa3 Voices

    February 4, 2010 by Sonicrox14

    A sill topic, yes, but this is a bit of what I imagine the protagonists of Wild Arms 3 to sound like:

    Role Seiyū
    Virginia Maxwell (Unsure...)
    Jet Enduro Tom Gibis
    Clive Winslett (Unsure...)
    Gallows Carradine Khary Payton

    -- Wild ARMs Destiny "A coincedence is a part of fate" - Virginia Maxwell

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