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Berry Cave entrance

The Berry Cave is a recurring dungeon through out the Wild Arms series. is the starting point of the adventure of Rudy Roughknight in the prologue of the game

A Wandering Youth and the Holy Berry

While talking to the mayor of Surf Village, Rudy learns that a boy entered Berry Cave alone. Rudy goes there to look for the boy, along the way he encounters several monsters, but he finds Tony in the final chamber of the cave.

Rudy gives the Holy Berry to Tomy

After hearing the boy, Rudy decides to help him find a healing item to help the father of the kid who is sick. Rudy finds the item, but by collecting it he releases a creature that was trapped there causing a terrible earthquake in the area.

Rudy and Tony return but before they even leave the cave they find a good part of the villagers who were there, the mayor thanks Rudy for saving the boy and when everyone is leaving, Tony's dog begins to bark towards the inside the cave, to the astonishment of all a creature appears on the spot.

Rudy confronts the Zombie

Rudy confronts and defeats it, but by doing so exposes his ARM abilities, frightening the people of Surf Village. The mayor directs Rudy to return to Surf for the villagers to pass judgement on his actions.


Wild Arms Alter Code: F


Berry Cave is the first cave mentioned in Wild Arms Alter Code F that Rudy visited during his work in Surf Village .

Upon first entering the cave, village guard gives you 3 Lucky Cards , Migrant Seal is the first dungeon Rudy in the prologue of the game Boss in this cave is Rotting Beast .

After defeating the Rotting Beast, Rudy is forced to leave Surf Village after the villagers shun him for his use of the forbidden ARMs.

The Rotting Beast (Alter Code: F)